Frequently Asked Questions

We are located in Birmingham, AL, though most of our clients are out of state. If you happen to be local and would rather meet in person than virtually, we’re happy to accommodate.
Yes. We have access to buy and sell securities only. We cannot initiate any withdrawals or transfers. You maintain control at all times.
We offer active management strategies that your local shop does not (and cannot) offer. We do not share our methods with any other advisory firm; it is unique to us. We are also fiduciaries and as such, must put your interests before our own.
Yes. We are obligated to put your interests above our own.
Yes. All advisors at the firm are licensed by FINRA at the state level.
Since this is a personal question, and everyone will have different answers, it’s best to book a no-cost consultation call to discuss.
Unlike a mutual fund or ETF, we don’t execute a firm-wide portfolio, there’s no clear answer to this. Every client has his/her own account. Client A may be invested in x and y strategies, and Client B may be invested in some other combination of our offerings, and would have a different return profile. Feel free to ask about the specific return profiles of each individual strategy to determine what makes the most sense to you.
When signing up, you’ll receive documents that outline it in more depth, but in short, all of your data is kept in the strictest of confidence. We will never trade, sell, or give away your information.