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Welcome to Williamson Asset Management, where creativity meets precision.

We are a small firm driven by a thirst for outperformance and lower volatility.

We believe that hands-on service, and custom strategies, and built-in hedging make for a winning combination, and we would love to explain it to you!

In short, we are dedicated to helping you grow and protect your assets and believe that we can do it better than our competition.

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Tailored Financial Solutions for Your Success

Welcome to Williamson Asset Management, where our team is dedicated to meeting the needs of high net worth individuals and entities with a strong emphasis placed on the combination of aggressive growth and comprehensive hedging. In short, we’ve solved the problem of improved performance without adding volatility. When working with us, you can expect:

Custom Investment Strategies

We are not going to put you in the same portfolio as everyone else, and even our other clients. We use a “techni-mental” approach to our actively managed strategy, using company fundamentals to filter out the technical signals to enter our positions. We believe (and statistics support) that this gives us (and you) an edge in the marketplace.

Truly Customized Hedging Strategies

Based on your portfolio size and makeup, we calculate the proper ratio of hedging to employ and walk you through our process and thoughts around hedging. This is usually the trickiest part of the process since hedging is often not familiar territory for many clients.

Hands-On Service

Once the account is live, if you need to speak with someone, we’re here. No automated menus or customer service gatekeepers. We appreciate the notion that a phone call should connect a person to another person. If you’d rather text or e-mail instead, that’s fine too.

Why Choose Us?

We have years of experience in the business, and have worked many of the best and brightest in the world of asset growth, protection, and management. We’ve spent years tailoring and fine-tuning our strategies to provide the maximum reward with a given level of risk. Other advisors talk about diversification and the efficient frontier. We have seen the efficient frontier be not all that efficient.

1) A focus on growth AND protection

Too often we don’t have the opportunity to play offense AND defense. Is it impossible? No, it’s not. Long/short, merger arbitrage, and long straddles with active gamma scalping (a form of market making) are all ways to play both sides of the trade

2) Proprietary Strategies

The strategies we use are NOT open to other advisors. There is no mutual fund or ETF that could buy to replicate our strategy. It is 100% custom to our firm, developed in house.

3) Optional selection criteria for your portfolio

We have our ballpark in which we like to play, but we understand if you want to apply filters such as ESG, liquidity, sector constraints, etc. If we can accommodate it (we usually can) then we will.

Get in Touch with Our Expert Portfolio Manager Today

We would love to speak with you. Give us a call or drop us a line at the number listed below to discuss your needs and find out if we can work together.

All calls are confidential and take place at no charge. If you’d like to book a session for trade coaching or more general financial advisory services, budgeting, etc., we’d be happy to help with that as well.

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Matt Williamson

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