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Are your investments working for you?

Today's investment landscape is littered with equal parts fee-heavy actively managed funds that under-perform, passive ETFs that track an increasingly correlated market, and bonds that pay close to nothing. Alpha is becoming more and more difficult to find, and the search for yield has led international investors into an already saturated market. Our strategies have not only out-performed by a massive margin, but with far superior risk-adjusted metrics than long-only ETFs and other managed funds.

Today's market is...

...too correlated

There's a saying the markets, that in a crisis, correlation goes to 1. Meaning that during times of financial turmoil, a portfolio of stocks, bonds, metals, housing, etc. will often decline together, wrecking diversification efforts.

...low yielding

Love it or hate it, the world is in massive debt and the debt levels keep rising. We are in an environment in which interest rates can't be increased due to the inability for governments to pay the interest on their debt. Negative interest rate policy is here to stay, which means no yield for bonds, leading everyone to the equity markets in search of adequate returns.


Most traders agree that the risk to reward is extremely skewed in the current market, with tremendous downside risk relative to very limited upside reward.

...a bubble

Most importantly, we are in a multi-faceted asset bubble. Bonds have gone to zero-yield (or less), pushing capital into the equity market, propping up stocks and supporting valuations that are extremely far beyond historical norms. Throw in central bank intervention and we have a recipe for a "bull market at all costs" mentality. Market forces always win out in the end, and the unwind will be painful.

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Which would you prefer?

Sporting a smoother equity curve, superior alpha, better risk-adjusted metrics, lower volatility, and less drawdown, the question is not one of preference, but one of availability.

More Alpha

Less Risk

Average Monthly Return: +1.68%
vs. S&P 500 +0.36%

Sortino Ratio: 14.33
vs. S&P 500 0.70

Calmar Ratio: 6.81
vs. S&P 500 0.90

Max Drawdown: (8.74%)
vs. S&P 500 (14.33%)



(no contact info required)

*All performance data collected and analyzed using the SPX index from 2/1/18 - 9/30/19. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Limited to 10 investors

Due to an uncertain liquidity cap for the strategy, we are scaling this portfolio slowly. As a result, this strategy is currently open to 10 investors at a fixed investment amount, at which point we will close the opportunity to new investors while we assess ongoing liquidity. If liquidity is sufficient, we will open a second round in 2020. 

(No contact info required)