Investing made simple.

This is your future. It's time to stop avoiding it. 

$10,000 invested today

at an average market rate of return

for 40 years becomes


Adding just 2% to the annual return

changes the number to


We can help you find that 2%

We can help you find that 2%


Diversification is dead. Our unique system cuts out 90-95% of the risk of the stock market while still allowing for market gains.


By eliminating most of the risk but keeping most of the returns, significant outperformance is possible.


Call, text, or e-mail at any time. No automated menus, no outsourced customer service. We promise.


We are not only obligated by moral and ethical integrity, but also by law to act in YOUR best interest, not ours.



Step 1

(est. time 2 minutes)

Take a short survey to help us assess your risk tolerance and determine investment vehicles for you.


Step 2

(est. time 15 minutes)

A short call to meet you, ask a few questions, and to answer any questions you have about anything at all.

Step 3

(est. time 10 minutes)

Digitally sign paperwork and open your investment account. Everything is done digitally. No printing, faxing, scanning, or copying.

Step 4

(est. time 5 minutes)

Fund your account in whatever way you like (ACH, bank wire, check, etc.) and you're all set. Reward yourself knowing that are investing in your future.

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*Math and risk management prove that limiting losses via risk reduction increases overall performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Please see our disclaimer page for more details.